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Monica Martin is bae.

Saturday Oct 4 @ 06:35pm




I love every single photo I have ever seen of this girl.

minimangotree it you

Love her!

This little kid is my personality in a nutshell

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 08:42pm


Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly



Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly

Wednesday Sep 24 @ 09:10pm
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how killer Mel B looks in this photo?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how killer Mel B looks in this photo?


Wednesday Sep 24 @ 08:56pm
Perks of having a sister who works at Victoria’s Secret

You guys I have so many bras that I haven’t even worn some of them yet.

Some still have the tags still attached.

I organized my underwear drawer today and I found stuff I bought months ago yet still haven’t even worn.

It feels like I have a whole new underwear wardrobe now.


Sunday Sep 21 @ 05:02pm

I took the first photo when I first started my job 4 months ago, I took the second one this afternoon.

I feel so very fortunate to have found such a great job immediately after graduating college, somehow I need to make a mental note to keep reminding myself that whenever I get stressed or anxious.

Climbing the corporate ladder 💁

Friday Sep 12 @ 07:37pm

Been so depressed, anxious, gloomy and stressed lately. Even online shopping can’t make me happy. Like my package from Bloomingdales came today and it’s just sitting on my desk because I don’t even feel compelled to open it.

Friday Sep 12 @ 06:54pm



This was one of the most baffling things of my whole childhood.


I swear I feel like my yoga instructor makes us do this kind of weird shit.

Clearly Big Comfy Couch girl is better at yoga than me.

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:58pm

This post made my heart happy :)

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:33pm
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:32pm



did some good tweets today i think


Saturday Aug 30 @ 12:36am

appleemintt said: Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself, then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers

Aw I am so flattered Maggie :) appleemintt

1. Raspberries are my favorite fruit.

2. The only way I can tolerate going to the gym is if I watch Netflix while I exercise.

3. I’m very antisocial most days.

4. I will be traveling out of the country for the first time ever this upcoming Fall!

5. The reason I have bangs is because I’m so lazy to keep my caterpillar eyebrows maintained.

Friday Aug 29 @ 04:19pm


The public throng to see her live.

Sunday Aug 24 @ 08:59pm


I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny

Monday Aug 18 @ 10:32pm
I still think about it sometimes

A couple of months ago a bird had occupied and made a nest under the roof overhang on my house. It was on the corner of the front and side walls and it made a pretty secure nest to lay eggs in. Anytime any of us would pass by the nest, the bird would flee and later return to sit on her eggs, even though the nest was located a good 9 feet above our heads where no one could reach it. It was perched pretty precariously, but secure enough that it wouldn’t fall.

This kept on for a few weeks and everyone in my family was pretty mildly excited that a bird was raising baby birds outside our house. However, unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending.

One morning I had left for school and came back around noon after finishing my classes for the day. I parked my car in the driveway and turned the corner to go inside my house through our side door, when something on the ground immediately caught my eye. I looked down and saw that the three baby birds had somehow fallen out of the nest and died. They were not even fully developed baby birds yet, but still distinguishable enough to appear a week or two old. My heart automatically sank as I felt my eyes filling up with tears.

I impulsively felt that I had to do something to revive the birds, but was unsure of what to exactly do. I called my mom and told her what happened and I could hear her sadness over the phone. I tried to put aside my squeamishness for a minute and put latex gloves on to move the baby birds on a warm towel in effort to revive them and move them out of harms way (as suggested by the Humane Society’s FAQ). I carefully picked up each bird and put them in the towel but I knew it was useless, the birds had most likely died on impact from the fall (although, there were no signs of injuries). I called my dad while he was at the grocery store and he immediately headed over to see why I was so upset. He confirmed my verdict that the birds had died and gave a semi-sympathetic “it’s okay, it happens.” The three baby birds mother was no where in sight.

I don’t know why, but this experience that happened a few months ago made such an impact on my life. I had no personal attachment or connection to these birds, yet I found myself crying so much over what happened to them. Still from time to time, I’ll think about this experience and tear up. The following few days, I proceeded to tell everyone I knew what had happened to see if they would be feeling the same sorrow/grief that I was. One of my coworkers helped me feel better by saying that maybe it was a good thing, this way the birds would not have been harmed or died from a predator or something else more brutal.

However, what I really took away from this experience was the harsh realization, that sometimes life can be really cruel. Things and people die that don’t deserve to have their lives ended so abruptly or untimely. Sometimes life just really is unfair.

Sunday Aug 3 @ 12:09am

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