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♥️ (at The Redbury)

♥️ (at The Redbury)

Saturday Mar 22 @ 11:45am

Anonymous said: At what age did you lose your virginity?


I never lost mine, I just absorb other peoples’, making my virginity grow stronger and stronger in preparation for the final battle. 

Friday Mar 21 @ 04:46pm

Cute wedding photos always make me tear up, even when it’s random strangers pictures I don’t even know.

Because the couples usually look so happy and so much in love, it’s overwhelming for me to look at.


Friday Mar 21 @ 12:04am
Here Comes the Night Time ✨🎶

Here Comes the Night Time ✨🎶

Wednesday Mar 19 @ 11:15pm



Happy 25th Anniversary, World Wide Web! Some of these early museum webpages really cracked me me up.

See British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, the Louvre, the Prado, and more classics in a new Museum Nerd (>140) blog post, 10 Vintage Museum Web Pages from the 90s.


Thursday Mar 13 @ 10:56am
Leaving surprises for my coworkers to stumble upon #holeinthewall #doorwithnopurpose #untilnow

Leaving surprises for my coworkers to stumble upon #holeinthewall #doorwithnopurpose #untilnow

Tuesday Mar 11 @ 05:25pm
Don’t worry. I’m all right. I can’t help it. It is just my body.

François Saint-Exupéry

These were the last words spoken by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s brother from his deathbed. A dying body is only an empty shell.

Sunday Mar 9 @ 08:30pm

Last night I was social and did social things that normal 21&+ year olds like to do. Verdict: being social is exhausting.

Sunday Feb 23 @ 02:21pm

I met such an interesting man today while receptioning at the gallery.

His name was David, he was about 60 or so years old, and he was a retired film lecturer/ building restorer who came to check out the ceramics exhibition.

He told me his teacher’s work was on display here and that he’s been taking ceramics classes as a hobby since he’s retired. He asked me about Woodbury, what I’m majoring in, and what the school was like, the typical stuff I get asked.

But then we started talking about how he studied architecture and art history for his undergrad, but had no desire to pursue it as a profession. He later got a degree in filmmaking, and was teaching film classes over at USC and worked in restoration for old buildings.

We talked for about 45 minutes and he shared so much wisdom and experience with me, telling me about his younger life during the 1960s, his spiritual beliefs, and his outlook on life.

Towards the end of our chat he told me I have a wonderful soul and he wished me the best of luck once I graduate, and that he hopes I someday have a great man or woman in my life to share my soul with.

I really cherished this experience because I’ve had such a crappy past few weeks filled with stress and it was so nice to meet a total stranger who genuinely believed in me.

Saturday Feb 22 @ 04:33pm
Sareen D.'s Reviews | SUNLAND | Yelp

I felt the need to share my Yelp reviews on Tumblr so all of my followers from Los Angeles can read my…honest reviews.

Saturday Feb 22 @ 02:44pm
Toxic, green-colored liquids were needed after this week. #neededweekend

Toxic, green-colored liquids were needed after this week. #neededweekend

Saturday Feb 22 @ 12:06am
On the bright side.


I try to think optimistically and I realized there were a lot of positives to today.

PRIOR to walking into the shock that awaited me in my graphic design class, I had woke up early, gotten free paper samples for the stationary from a great paper store, and managed to get everything printed and finished with an hour to spare before class. So I got to stop by Coffee Bean and grab breakfast before class which was nice.

I also went to work today and had some of my esteem boosted after I told a colleague about my unfortunate morning class, and this person pointed out that I have something that the graphic design students don’t. I have great marketing and communication skills, I can draw and paint, and I have great writing skills that make me very multifaceted so I shouldn’t even think that I’m the underdog.

I also talked to my advisor today and got some more kinks in my degree project hammered out, and feel a lot better about the direction I’m shifting towards.

Those were the major highlights today, but all in all, I’m just relieved this week is over which means I am one step closer to graduation.

Thursday Feb 20 @ 11:57pm
Underdog, sigh.

Today was a really frustrating day because I made a dumb mistake and it really took a toll on me.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before, but I’m a Marketing & Graphic Design major, in my last semester ever of my undergraduate career.

BACKSTORY: However, since the nature of my major has two disciplines, I don’t take all of the classes a student in one of the traditional majors would. Therefore, I haven’t taken all of the classes in either major.

It hasn’t been a problem for my Marketing classes, but for Graphic Design courses, it’s been dreadful for the past year. Since the program is creative in nature, there’s bound to be competition in the atmosphere like any other creative major. And since I signed on to the curriculum later than expected, I’ve sort of been at a disadvantage than everyone else.

…Anyway, back to rant about today.
We had a stationary pinup today for our class session based off of the logo system that has been chosen by our client, and for some reason, my brain thought stationary just meant a paper sheet / letterhead. So I walk into class and see fellow classmates pinning up business cards and envelopes and I’m stunned after a peer told me it meant everything. I didn’t know stationary meant EVERYTHING.

I’ve always felt like the outcast and outsider in these graphic courses since I’m the only half breed so to speak, that’s in the class, making me feel as if I need to prove myself and show that I’m just as good as any of them, despite having less experience. But forgetting what the term stationary actually meant in design lingo just discouraged me more than it should of.

And no one likes standing in front of a classroom critique looking like the only person who misunderstood the professors instructions.

I try not to let things like this bother me, but it really does suck when you feel so utterly alone and singled out in these classes. I know I’m a friendly person, but some people just aren’t interested in making new acquaintances.

I’m just rambling at this point because it helps me clear my head.

Oh and I fell down today while walking to class and bruised my knee and that kind of sucked today too.


Thursday Feb 20 @ 11:46pm
Me every time I remove all my body hair and don’t get some.

Me every time I remove all my body hair and don’t get some.

Sunday Feb 16 @ 11:04pm

Gev drew me the doodle on the right in a card he gave me for Christmas, so I thought it would be cute if I painted it for him for Valentines Day.

Saturday Feb 15 @ 10:28am

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